Steven Hardy


  • Education


I have been teaching IBDP/MYP, IGCSE, and AP English Literature and Language at the Guangdong Country Garden School since 2009. From 2008-2009, I taught Academic English at Shanghai British College. Previously, I taught English Literature/ESL at the Singapore Lycee Francais (French International School). Before that, I taught Academic English, Business Communications, Effective Writing, Research Methods, ESL, and TOEFL and IELTS preparation for seven years at Beijing Concord College of Sino-Canada to University of New Brunswick (Canada) and New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) students. In addition, I taught Grade 11 (Secondary 5) English Literature to New Brunswick High School students. In Beijing I also designed and taught a Business English/Writing course at Bayer Pharmaceuticals. In addition, in Cairo I taught IGCSE English Literature and ESL. I also taught English Literature at Dawson College in Montreal. I have an M.A. in English Literature, IB and IELTS training, and a TEFL certificate, with 25 years of teaching experience, over two decades of those years in international education. As well, I have won several teaching awards. I also speak, read, and write French fluently, as my second language.


Bangkok, Thailand